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What are the advantages/disadvantages of having parents pay for college?

If a student has to pay their way through college whether it be with the help of scholarships, students loans, or grants, do they tend to work harder in their college career compared to those who don’t have to pay a cent?

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In my experience, yes. Is this always true? No.

I’ve seen some kids who don’t pay for their education do some pretty horrific things, like not going at all to classes and instead of just dropping and getting the money back from the class, they just settle for an F in the class. Whereas, if you’re paying for that class, you will be wanting to learn every thing you can to get your money’s worth.

Kids who pay their own way also have greater financial planning and budgeting skills. They know they cannot fall back on anything so they know their grades have to be good, they have to budget time to work so many hours, or compete for as many scholarships and grants as possible.

There are many benefits to having your parents pay for your education though. For instance: having to worry less about your financial situation, not having to work a job through college. Hypothetically, all of this should free you up more t study, but I find it’s rarely the case.

One huge drawback that must be considered if your parents are paying your way is that this now THEIR education too. They have a high stake in it and if they don’t like a class your taking, or your major or minor, they have every right to demand you change it.


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It is difficult to have kids young. I had my first child at 20 and my second at 25. I find that cash flow was a bit difficult the first time around. I think that as you get older you get more patient. I am lucky as I am mature and sometimes seem a lot older than I really am and have always been like that. I have often been told that I was born to be a mommy! If you are thinking of trying for a baby and you are young then my suggestion is to wait until at least you are financially secure and emotionally able to cope!

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I would think the education would be more dear to you if you had to pay for it yourself. Of course the scholarships were paid for by your effort in qualifying for them. Even if parents are willing or eager to help with tuition etc. I think a student should work to pay for his/her own social life at the very least. After all, your folks aren’t going to the party; why should they pay for it?