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romeo and juliet question?

ok i need help with some hw. here are some of the questions

1) why do the families hate eachother?

2) how do the parents find out they got married?

3) how do both families feel about eachother after the deaths?

4) make a random quiz question

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oh cool i read this book

1)they have been feuding for a very long time so it goes way back

2)they find out when the lovers are dead because of a letter that romeo wrote

3)they feel that they are the cause and are very sad

one parent even dies

4)what is the most tragic part in the play

well good luck:)


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Here’s an article:

My random quiz question would be, “What would you have done differently if you were either Romeo and Juliet?”


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1.) read the play

2.)see above

3.) if you can’t, drop out

4.) why are you so lazy?