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purple heart benefits in Illinois?

I’m just interested if anyone knows of any benefits for purple heart recipients in Illinois? I am already aware of the healthcare, I am more interested in college scholarships and such. I know there is a purple heart scholarship but it applies to the children of recipients, not the recipient themselves. Also, anyone know of any benefits of getting the purple heart license plates? I had them in Texas and I didn’t have to pay parking meters, how cool was that?!?! Anyhow, I’m not sure how Illinois works, Thanks! Devin

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Start with the Illinois state VA (see link)

McHenry County College and others in IL offer the Illinois Veteran’s Grant (see link)

IL has a tax exemption for real property & mobile homes

Some job assistance (although the IL tracking rates for hired vets is being tweaked due to IL not using SSNs for hires)

State Fair admission is free for vets on Veteran’s Day

There are also hunting, fishing, & camping privileges.


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