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Suneyna M

I want sponsors or donators for bibilical studies in abroad Countries?

I want sponsors or donators for bibilical studies in abroad Countries?

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Young Uncle

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Shalom. Are you a member of a Church in your hometown and involved in the Bible Study Programe? If you are then why not talk and share with your priest what you intend to do, i.e. study abroad under a sponsorship or donation. If you show your priest and your church elders your commitment to working for the Church, I am sure they will help you find sponsors or donors for furthering your study abroad.

By the way, there is a Bible School in Nepal. You may want to check with them first. Maybe they have a scholarship programe.

The school is called the Himalaya Bible Institute. The address is:

Himalaya Bible Institute

Narayangarh-2,Garden View, Kshetrapur,

Chitwan, Nepal

Narayangarh, Nepal 00977 Nepal

Telephone Number: 00977-56-531218

E-mail Address: [email protected]

Web Site Address: http://www.missionnepal.org

For your further Information:

Narayangarh Church of Christ, Narayangarh Chitwan, Nepal, is the home of the Himalaya Bible Institute. They have a three years’ program for the Diploma in Bible Study. Principal: Rudra Prasad Giri [email protected]

Maybe its better to study in your own country first. It should be cheaper for your sponsors.

Whatever it is, remember to pray hard and may God Bless your endeavour.


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Janice 10
Ask for sponsors at your local home churches, and also at churches abroad, many churches sponsor ministry students. Best Wishes and God Bless You and your desire for ministry work, God will truly bless you.