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I’m 24 yrs old, in college – would it be wise to attempt the ACT’s again for a high score for a scholarship?

In high school, I performed pretty well on my ACT’s – score 28. If I pursued it, I could have probably received some hefty scholarships from any college of my choice. Instead, I joined the military for 4 yours, and now that I’m out and currently going to school, I was wondering that if I took my ACT’s again and scored just as well, would/could there be any scholarships out there for me?

I know that I’m receiving my GI Bill right now, but more scholarships are always nice. Being that I receive a GI Bill, I am disqualified for a lot of scholarships. Does anyone know of any that I can still apply for? Thank you!

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A few days ago

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I don’t think anyone is going to stop you from taking the ACT again. But usually once you take those tests they are a permanent part of your records. It should be pretty easy to prove you made a good score.

In other words, if you are applying for a scholarship and they ask you “What your ACT score?”, you simply put 28.

Why would you want to take it again if you can say that? Unless of course you think you can do better than a 28.