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How to choose a major? Part two? Any tips?

Look at my profile, and look for a question just like this one, I also have a question pertaining to the answers posted.

Is it better to find a major you want, or find a major your good enough for, what if i wanted to be a game designer, I love video games. And got into the field got my Bachelors and realize that I suck at the field. What if i wanted to be a brain surgeon, got the PhD then the killed someone accidentally during a proicedure, I’m worried, that im not good enough for any fields i want to do. and prefer something i have prior knowledge for.

Can you choose computer support or computer systems analyst, if you dont know SQUAT about computers.

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If you believe in yourself you can choose any major you want and succeed in it. I am a chemistry major and I am horrible at math (a huge part of chemistry). As far as actually choosing a major that is really hard. Most people I go to school with have changed majors many times. Just try and pick something you want to do or think you would like to do and stick with it. Even if you get a degree in say game design. Most companies just care that you have a degree and stuck it out. It does not take much to go back and get a second degree once you have the first one because you have all the core classes done. Good luck with whatever you choose. Just stick it out and try and make a solid decision before your Junior year.