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how long does it take to be approved for a student loan and to recieve the money?

i still havent started the process of applying for one and i need it by september 1st

i have no credit but im hoping my parents will co sign for me

im planning to borrow around 10 grand from a private lender like a bank or something because everything together will be about 18000 and i have like 8000

any recommendations that are not internet related.. like banks.. for where to get it?

help please thanks

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Go to your school’s financial aid office and apply for low interest student loans,NOT a bank which charges more more interest rates and must be paid back right away. Students loans are much more affordable and do not requir payments until you are out of school for six months. Plus they will help you to apply for the loans. the sooner you apply the better your chances of getting the money you need. Best Wishes and Good Luck in school!