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How can a college student find money?

I’ve gotten all the financial aid I can get, my college won’t let me take out a private loan. They said my budget is full, but I still need more money. Asking for money from my parents is out of the question because they’re not very well off anyway. I’ve applied for a job everywhere I can think of and nothings happening. I’m desperately trying to find another source of a loan, that I can pay back when I’m done college, that’s not a student loan because that goes through the college and they won’t let me get one. I have a lot of debt, still owe on my college bill, have to fix up my vehicle, so much. it’s so depressing. help with some ideas please! sorry for rambling on, i’m just going crazy.

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Have you tried participating in the college’s work study program? If you have completed the FAFSA, you could amend it to participate in the program. You will gain work experience and money at the same time. Another option is starting a blog. I have shared a few resources that can help bring in money. Good luck!

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Some suggestions which may or may not help:-

1) Work part-time – restaurants, cafes…any place that offers part-time positions especially fast food places!

2) Work full-time – especially during the holidays!

3) Tutor kiddies – if you are good in an academic subject!

4) Tutor foreign students – if you can teach conversational English!

5) Give up your vehicle – switch to a healthier alternative ie bicycle!

6) Do some money and time management planning!

7) Pray hard!

Don’t give up! Will be praying for ya!


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Join the National Guard and finish school when your committment with the Nation Guard is done.

If you are already in debt, then you should want to get out, instead of getting in deeper. Also, if you decided on a major, see if there are any companies that offer interships for that major, in exchange for tuition.


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