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could someone help me with my spanish worksheet?

Okay, so it says i lost my dog. what do i do. then it gives me a word bank with all the things i would do in spanish like “hablar con los vecinos” and “gritar su nombre”. i know what these phrases mean, but i dont know how to write a sentence with them…

So, under the word bank it has lines saying first, second, third, etc.

this is where i need help:

Primero, (now i want to say i will walk and look for my dog). Just help me out with the first sentence ^ and i’ll be happy.

thanks =)

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primero caminaria y buscaria mi perro

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Marley K
Hmmm . . . it sounds like you don’t have a problem, like you’ve already answered your own question. Maybe try writing everything in English, do the work, then put it back in Spanish. You can always go Online and translate to and from Spanish pretty easily.