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murtuza k

can you elaborate the sentences each to a paragraph size?

1 “Think positive, peace -filled, loving thought.

Every cell in your body responds to each thought you think.”

2 “remember to breathe deeply and fully. Relax your body & mind often during the day.”

3 “Allow the love from your heart to wash through you cleanse & heal every part of your body and emotions.”

4 “Be assured that every day your body’s natural desire is to be healthy, whole, & complete.”

5 “Feel the glorious, dynamic energy that is flowing through you today.”

6 “Know that your mind and body are in perfect balance. You are healthy & in harmony with the universe.”

7 “Feel privileged to live in the wondrous, magnificent machine that is your body.”

8 “Inhale the precious breath of life. It is your connection to your Higher Power.”

9 “Take loving care of yourself. It gives you to do so & you are worth it.”

10 Establish a trusting loving relationship with your practitioners.Feel free to ask questions about your Health.”

These sentences are from the book :101 ways to health & healing

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Yes, I can…

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some female
Yes, I could, but I won’t. It seems that’s your responsibility. Besides, I think the advice is a load of flying crap.