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2250 SAT and 3.6 GPA – what type of Academic Scholarships are out there?

Son just got his SAT’s scores and did well. Not sure what type of money is out there for him next year when goes to college. We are in Ohio, and he currently attends a private college prep academy.

Break out on the scores:

Critical Reading 740 score range: 710 – 770

Math 760 score range: 730 – 790

Writing 750 score range: 710 – 770

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Most academic scholarships are not “out there”, but are given by the individual university. Many were funded by individual donors, who may have established criteria which were meaningful to them (“I want this money to go to a student majoring in Dance with a high cumulative GPA, who played football in high school and one of whose parents worked for the company I founded.”). Others may come from the University’s general funds to accomplish their own aims, (“We need to raise the average SAT score of our incoming freshmen in order to improve our profile with the ranking services.”). While each school will offer a financial aid package based upon both need and merit, it wouldn’t hurt your son to look at the section of the bulletin in which their scholarships are listed and to ask about criteria for ones which look promising. I would also go online and use a search engine to see if I could uncover other sorts of scholarships, which might be given regardless of the university in question. For example, I teach marketing, and there is something called the Lagrant Foundation which offers a combined scholarship/internship/mentorship program to students of color interested in advertising. My problem is that I don’t see the students until they have already started college, so I have never had an opportunity to recommend the program directly to a student, but it sounds like a very good deal.

I should point out too that Annette/Anni didn’t understand the SAT scores (I don’t understand the ranges you give either, but a 2250 is an excellent score, equivalent to a 1500 under the old two-part system). A 3.6, on the other hand, is NOT considered outstanding these days; I can tell you that most of the applicants for our top scholarships have GPAs above a 3.9, with many over 4.0 (since many top students come in with AP credits which are based upon a 5-point scale). Still, as I suggested earlier, it is worth a try, since you never know what a donor may have specified or what the school may need.


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2250 SAT and 3.6 GPA – what type of Academic Scholarships are out there

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Your son’s reading, writing and ‘rithmetic SAT scores were middle range. They were not top notch nor are they considered to be excellent grades.

However, his 3.6 GPA is right up there with the best. It’s considered anywhere from a A- to a B+.

Whether or not your son is or was the best, there is plenty of money out there being offered in the form of scholarship financial aid.

I recommend that you do what I did and google search Colleges -Financial Aid. A whole host of Colleges offering scholarships will come up as choices.

Does your son have any superior athletic ability? Because if he does, then your opportunities are endless.

It doesn’t matter what state he’s in either, since you mentioned that he’s in Ohio. Because that is not a criteria for scholarships.


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large rankings — congratulations. you’re qualified to get into all of those faculties. you will desire to additionally think of approximately using to lots of the elite faculties someplace else contained in the rustic (Ivy League, Duke, Rice, Northwestern, Chicago, etc). undergo in recommendations that being qualified to get in isn’t comparable to getting into. Stanford accepts 10% of its applicants. My wager is that over 0.5 the applicants are qualified — so as that they reject over eighty% of the qualified applicants. Extracurriculars are magnificent — yet they’re basic to pad and not basic to be advantageous. you will would desire to have a killer admissions essay to make your self stand out.