Writing On Selection Process

Job interview is the first process that one goes through before being hired or employed. The process of selection starts when short listing the candidates for the interview. The best candidate is selected depending on the performance during the interviews. I held a social worker job in a charity organisation which was dealing with support for the orphaned children. During the selection process the employer looked at any candidate who had done humanity course. Then during the interview they looked at personal traits e.g. being humble, open minded, any candidate who showed a lot of passion to serve humanity and any candidate who had a previous work experience.One of the major problems with this process was that it may be difficult to judge ones personality traits in just a few minutes, so I have a feeling that there was a probability of making incorrect judgement. Then the other problem was the requirement of a previous work experience. There are many people out there who can perform well in jobs just that they have not gotten a chance.

The criteria of work experience requirement may lock a candidate whom if given a chance can perform very well. I would recommend that the organisation be in a position to find a way that they can be able to gauge ones capability without looking at any previous experience. This will help the starters to be in a position to prove their worth in working positions. I would also recommend that the organisation do away with the method of selection by the gauging of the candidates by the personalities they present during the interview because there are people who knows how to present themselves in a very different way during the interviews but look different afterwards.

(spero 2000).As I found out its very necessary to conduct background information about the job as this will help one to be in a position to answer the interview question more confidently. For example in that interview I found it very necessary to have had a previous knowledge of the job in terms of how the organisation conducts its programmes, their rates of salary payment, and also being in a position to understand what is required in the performance of the job.(spero 2000).

The organisation had used the newspaper as a recruitment source. It was quite pretty as many people have the chance to find the advert and therefore the organisation is in a position to have a variety of candidates to select from. Still comparing the ratio of cost and the income it is still the best means of advertising. However the means has a disadvantage to the organisation as it is not possible to include all the details of the vacancy due to its limited space provided. The only thing I would recommend to the organisation is the necessity to include the salary in order for a candidate to find out whether he/she would fit according to the payment.(gunnigle 2002).

I conclusion after gauging the past employer I would really recommend that they should have a

Writing On Selection Process

strategy to incorporate experts in interviews to help in selecting the best candidate for a specific position. This will help to have professionalism in the interview process. The only problem that may arise is that the experts may not be well versed with the mode of working in the organisation. This may lead to hiring of some candidates who may not fit well in the organisation. However this can be solved by mixing members of the organisation together with the experts during the interviews or by first holding a briefing session with the interview experts in order for them to be versed with the working. Patterns of the organisation. This situation will allow the experts to have the organisation in mind when conducting the interviews. (gunnigle 2002).


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