Database Creation:

This paper involves the description on how one can introduce an access form that will allow ease in recording information regarding patients, encounters and physicians. The first step is to open an access window and then create a new data base, when the data base is created and saved the next step is to introduce three tables which include the encounter records table, the patient record table and finally the physician record table, after the tables are created the entire changes are saved.

The next step is to create forms that will enable easy recording of information, this table include the new encounter form, the new patient form and the new physician form. These forms are designed in such a way that one can save the information, open a new form, close the entire application or even delete the information on the current form. This is done through addition of buttons at the bottom and the top of the forms.

In order to create an efficient database for the clinic there has to be the establishment of relationship between the tables, the patients table is related to the encounter table by the ID, and the encounter table is related to the physician table by the name of physician. When the forms are opened using form vies the following is what the data base produces:

Form views:

The patients form:

The encounter form:

Database Creation

The physicains form: