Course Syllabus Description

The syllabus is well organized. Just like any course work there are good guidelines which will be followed in the class. Am interested by the way the whole syllabus is simplified and planned in a way that the topics follow each other in a consecutive way. Its good to have such guidelines so that there is always a connectivity between the teacher and the students. This will also reduce any confusion that may appear during the course period.On the way the whole schedule is organized it will be of benefit to the students as they have the whole information of what is expected of them in the whole semester. For the good students this will be a good opportunity to be always in front of the teacher in the syllabus. This will enhance the understanding of the course.(David 2001).

The course is also inclusive as it contains theory and practical work. This will assist the students to be in a position to be able to put into practice what they will have covered in the course even in future. There is also group work which will assist the students be gain skill of working as team work. I also like the issue of class presentation where discussions are allowed. This will help the students gain more knowledge from each other and also develop the character of accepting positive criticism which brings growth.All I don’t like about the syllabus is that it has a lot of leniency on the part of students I feel they are given so much allowance to be present or absent from the class. But in overall the course syllabus is well thought and documented.


David, N. (2001). Syllabus design, Oxford University Press.