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A policy manual is basically a document that contains the objectives of a company and the direction that the company is willing to take. The policy manual for managers of a new company will define the policies, procedures, and the regulations that the new managers are expected to apply in their respective departments. In order to determine the expectations of the managers and the employees of the XYZ internet access company, a policy manual is very important in that each and every individual will know what is expected of him or her by the managers in the company and the managers themselves will know what is expected of them by the new employees that will be hired by the company. This paper seeks to analyze the environment that the new company will operate, the key points in planning the new company, key points in organizing for the new company, the key points relating to leadership for the new company, and the key points that relate to control for the new company.

Operation Environment

A new internet access company to day should expect to face a lot of competition especially from the already established companies. A competitive environment in terms of the quality of network that is provided by the existing providers of these services will definitely be there since these few companies would like to enjoy the market and have the full control of the market (John, 2003). The quality of network that is being addressed here is the speed of the internet that the company is willing to provide. Consumers will definitely go for a company that will provide high-speed internet.

Business and Leadership

The consumer demand for broadband services is another aspect that the company should put into consideration before beginning its operations. The market for the internet these days have grown and people from all parts of the world expect to be provided with the services of the internet. The company should consider the use of the wireless network, cable modem, satellite systems, digital subscriber line, etc (John, 2003). In distributing its network to the different parts especially the remote parts of its operation. These new technologies will help the internet company in distributing the internet to various homesteads that could be interested.

The security of the data that will be in transit at any given time is also important. The XYZ internet should ensure that a secure messaging service has been developed for the safety of the information exchanged by the users of their services. Many users of the internet today are worried about the security of the information that they transfer over the internet (John, 2003). A company that will manage to convince the consumers that information transfer over their internet is secure will have a competitive advantage over the other providers.

Planning for the New Internet Company

In planning for the new internet access company, a few factors need to be examined. Among them is early corporate development that requires planning as early as possible so that the company will have a means of assisting its managers in meeting their determined objectives. Planning the goals and the responsibilities of each and every individual in his or her department will be very important as it will help the managers to direct their efforts in predetermined direction (John, 2003).

The types and quality of services that the company wishes to offer to its consumers is also important to be planned for. This will help the company to acquire a competitive advantage over the other companies. The quality may be affected by the gadgets that the company will be using in its operations (Robin, 2001). The gadgets chosen should allow for the best performance of

Business and Leadership

the services offered.

The managers need to plan for the technologies that the company is willing to use in providing its services to consumers. The technology chosen should be a modern technology that is user friendly and has food performance (John, 2003). Means of making the company known to many may also be necessary as this will promote use of the service by some people who may not have used it were it not for the advertisements and promotions that the company might initiate.

Organizing for the New Company

Planning for a new business and organizing for a new business do not differ a lot. In organizing for a new company, the managers need to know how ready the company is in starting the new business. This is in line with the sources of income that the company needs in order to begin its operations. Possible sources of income include loans, individual contributions in case of a joint company, savings’ etc (Robin, 2001).

The managers need to estimate the costs of starting up the business. These are the expenses that the company will incur once to purchase furniture, equipment, stationery, computers, etc. to help in operations of the business. The expenses here should be minimized so that the business does not keep a lot of cash lying dormant. Business expenses should also be analyzed in organizing for a new company. Expenses such as rent, insurance, utilities, computer software, etc. are some of the important expenses that need to be considered (Robin, 2001).

A business name and address are other important aspects in organizing for the new business. The name chosen should be short and easy to pronounce. A business name that suggests what the business does is more appropriate but the name shouldn’t be similar to the name of an

Business and Leadership

existing document. The location of the business should be at a place where consumers will have easy access to the services (Gareth, 2000).

Leadership for the New Company

For the new internet company to be successful, the managers should give proper orientation and training to the employees. This will help them in attending to tasks as a whole and not partly (Gareth, 2000). Again, this will help in ensuring that the workers can align their career goals with those of the company so that every individual will now be working towards attaining the overall goal of the company.

The new internet access company will have different departments to cater for the different needs of the consumers (Gareth, 2000). In the same way, each department will nave a manager who will be in charge of all employees in that department. Employees in that department are answerable to this one manager and the manager in the department is answerable to the overall manager.

The overall manager together with the CEO is responsible for the issues that touch on the performance of the entire company (Gareth, 2000). Any issues that touch on one department can be dealt with by the manager in that particular department. The issue can only be forwarded to the overall manager only if the solution to the issues is becoming complex to that one manager.

Control for the New Company

The new internet access company will be controlled by all the individuals who participate in the

Business and Leadership

running of the company’s day to day activities. However, some people will have greater control of the company than the others. The CEO together with the managers has a greater share in controlling of the company than any other individuals (Robin, 2001). This is because these are the same people who passed the goals that apply to the company. These are the same people who defined the roles of each and every individual in the company. When these rules are applied, it is the developers of these rules that are in control.

When it comes to decision making, the company may wish to take the views of the employees that work with the company. These employees will give their views in line with the departments that they work with. The views of the employees may call for some changes in the rules that the company uses (Gareth, 2000). The application of these views means that the users also have a share in the control of the company.


In starting a new internet access company, the development of a policy manual for the managers is very important as this will define the role of each manager in the company. The policy manual will also assist in the attainment of the overall goal since all the individuals in the company will align their personal goals with the company’s goals and will direct their efforts in the attainment of the overall goal of the company. The company will operate in an environment full of competition especially in the speed of internet that other companies offer. In planning for the new company, the objectives of the company that are supposed to help it in keeping in the right direction are developed. The roles of the individuals in the company are also defined. Organizing for the company involves determining sources of income for the new company, determining the expenses, cost of starting the business, the name and address of the company, etc. The leadership offered should allow the company to meet its organization objectives and keep in the right direction.


Business and Leadership

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