The Media’s Influence on the Elderly

For quite some time the media has been on the lime light for being a major contributor to most of the negative effects in the society. It has been blamed for increase in the crime capacity, the immorality levels, obesity and many other forms of disorders in the society. He media also influences the old as much as many think that the old are not interested in the media activities the truth is that they are also influenced by the media. (Ferrini, 2008). The media involves the programs that are aired on the television, the radio, the newspapers and magazines among others. For the older section of our society the media influences them in the following ways: It has become the normalcy in the advertisements in the media stations especially the television that models who are flawless and have what is stipulated as the sunning and captivating figure. These television stations present individuals who are admirable by every one of all ages. To the elderly this enacts feelings of being left out of the society since to be honest there are very few advertisements on the television channels that require the old to be part of that. They feel resented and totally out of place. (Ferrini, 2008).

Secondly, in the recent world we are succumbed with evils and wrong doings that are presented on the television, they show images of people dying of hunger, others were boomed and many lost their lives and many other wrongs and devastations that are involved with the life that we lead. This affects the old since they are leading the last years on this earth, and this stage of life should be lived at bliss. They should not be exposed to shocking news, and unfortunately these are the images presented on the media day in day out. This kind of images and shocks could lead to illnesses and to the extreme could lead to death. (Camp, 2007),


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The Media’s Influence on the Elderly