NFL and Arena Football


National Football League (NFL) is the oldest and the largest league in America for it consists of more than thirty football teams that have experienced and professional players. Initially it was known as American Professional Football Association and one year later the name was changed to America Professional Football league today it is referred to as National Football League.

Arena football was initially referred to as America indoor football league and years later then it was renamed to Arena Football League, it consisted of less than ten teams but today more teams have joined.


Both teams are from US and they have professional players who are well recognized worldwide, they are well known for their reputation and hold major competitions. Both leagues are successful due to the high competitions in the leagues which attract more spectators in every game played, This has brought in more income to the teams that are members of the organizations, this revenue collected from spectators enables them to improve their facilities and also pay the players. The media coverage of these games have also brought about their wide popularity all over the world and this helps them to be sponsored by commercial companies.

Both leagues exchange player during the transfer seasons and also during the main seasons, a

NFL and Arena Football

team from one of the league can claim a player who joins the team of their choice, however the governing bodies have banned the exchange of players from one league to another and this requires a player to have a legal transfer approval.


One of the main differences is that the NF League is played in an open field while the Arena league is usually played in an enclosure where the ground is covered. Therefore the National Football League a large spectator capacity compared to the Arena league. the NFL grounds hold a capacity of more than seventy thousand fans while the Arena league will only hold a capacity of less than forty thousand spectators.

NFL has more teams than Arena league, NFL League has approximately thirty two teams while Arena has twenty five teams, Therefore from the number of teams in each league it is clear that NFL league is more competitive than the Arena league . This also means that NFL is larger and more popular for its teams come from many states while the Arena leagues teams will be from the same states or from only a few states.

Arena football leagues begin in February and ends in July, the NFL starts in August and ends in February and this shows that the NFL league takes a longer duration than the Arena league. Further differences between the two are that while the National Football League has a larger field than the Arena Football league.


From the above discussion it is clear that there are differences and similarities between the

NFL and Arena Football

Arena league and the NFL league, some of the similarities highlighted is that they are both held in the US and that they are well known all over the world due to mass media coverage of the matches they hold.

Differences exist between the two and one difference is where they hold their matches, the number of spectators they attract and the length of their leagues, the number of teams in