Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses

As an author one has to be very good in capturing the attention of the readers so that whatever has been written will reach the target and accomplish its purpose.


The author of the article has several strengths that can be conveyed from the paragraph. First, the author is able to capture the reader’s attention. Looking at the way the paragraph begins straight to the point, “One of the great breakthroughs in the past 50 years has been the widespread availability of the personal computer…” the reader is already pulled into the subject of discussion before he/she switches of. The author is able to come up with a very interesting idea considering that computers are accurately on the craze and people would want to know a lot of information about them. The author is also able to explain ideas very clearly and avoids ambiguous expressions. The main points are brought out clearly (Vandarmey 2008).. The author also uses examples, explanation and some analysis to support his/her subject.


The major weakness is the writer could be missing the proper structure of starting the topic and flowing until all the relevant information is delivered. The author seems to be very much endowed with the correct vocabulary but he/she quite disorganized. The paragraph is not set up in the correct format. The paragraph should have begun with a topic sentence which seems to spread thee focal idea or subject of discussion (Vandarmey 2008). The author also likes to gobbledygook a lot and putting a lot of reiterations to the points discussed

Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses


To be a good author, one to have very exceptional in terms of expression particularly in a better language style.


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