A Paper On Art Display

I am visiting a local museum in town .Inside the museum there are many arts that are displayed for people to view and for educational purposes. (Arnold 1989). There is an art which catches my eyes. Its a sculpture symbolising Jesus Christ and many people beside him. Some of the people do not have clothes, others have wheel chairs, some begging and others who have other deformities as depicted by the sculpture. The sculpture shows Jesus Christ holding all of them with both hands. The sculpture is displayed just near the entrance of the museum in a very open place a little bit far from other arts so that everybody who visits the museum is in a position to view it.

Below the sculpture there is a written message “TOGETHER AS ONE”. The message is written in capital letters and in a very striking colours and design so that every body can be able to read it.The art shows a great relationship between art and society. What message the art is displaying has a lot of significance to the way we are living and relating in the society. It shows how we should live together without discrimination of people no matter how weak they are. The illustration of Jesus holding them in his both hands shows depicts how we should live as brothers in love and care for all those who are unprivileged in our society. The art has a very strong message to our society on how we should live and relate.

There are many theoretical developments which have occurred in the field of arts. One of the theoretical developments which have been depicted in the museum according to this display is the aspect of the utilitarianism of arts. This is where the arts are displayed to communicate a real a meaningful message to the viewers and also the showing a relation between the arts and real life.(Arnold 1989)In our society today there is a lot of discrimination of the unprivileged group of people. These include the poor, the disabled etc.There is a strong need for the society to be enhanced on the importance of showing love and caring for this people because they are important just like anybody else and also they are part of the society. Therefore according to me this display of the art is strategically done making its message being executed well.


A Paper On Art Display

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