Accounting Essay

There are various forms of accounting papers, these may include accounting essays, accounting research papers and accounting thesis or dissertation papers-just to mention but a few. Accounting papers present accurate and informative information based on accounting principles. They may explore actual business accounting scenarios in relation to the principles and concepts of accounting.

All accounting papers should be supported by figures and facts that substantiate the content that they try to illustrate to the reader of the accounting paper. The reports and illustrations within accounting papers should present the information within them in manner that adheres to the stipulated financial reporting standards; other they may lose their relevance in the professional accounting field. Unlike business articles that may speculate on some accounting aspects, actual scholarly accounting papers should try to substantiate their content beyond doubt through the use of facts and figures as well as illustrations of relevance based on accounting principles. Just like most academic writings accounting papers should have a definite format that creates a flow that directs the reader to a clear understanding of the accounting ideas or concepts being presented.

Firstly, writers of accounting papers should have an introduction to their paper. This introduction should simply outline the subject to be covered. It is at this point that the writer should consider the accountancy know-how that his or readers have in order to start them off in a manner that will help them understand what s/he is presenting through the accounting paper. The question to be answered within the accounting papers should fast be clearly formulated and a thesis statement written that enshrines what is to be answered and its relevance to accountancy. This sets the goals and objective of the accounting papers.

Secondly, the writer should create a writing structure that will take into consideration the relevant accounting procedures and concepts are adhered to as stipulated within accounting standards set by the appropriate accounting bodies both at local and international level, especially; if the accounting papers being written are meant for an international readership. Therefore, whilst answering the questions within any accounting papers the writers should

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consider relating the presentation of their ideas or concepts to the standards set within the profession of accounting. This is the most important feature in the writing of accounting papers, without which any accounting papers may be rendered irrelevant within the profession.

After clearly laying out the writing plan the writer should carefully select any relevant resources that may be required in supporting his or her work. These may include online databases, accountancy publications such as journals and books. This is an important feature in the writing process since substantiation of the presented ideas is of great importance in establishing relevance. Since most accounting practices are calculation based, it would be incomplete to present accounting papers that have no analytical calculations based on accounting formulas and principles. Therefore an analytical and calculation section should also be set out in order to show how the presented accounting ideas and concepts can be proven through calculations.

Finally, the writer should include a discussion and recommendation section that elucidates the applicability of the presented accounting concepts and ideas within the accounting profession as well as their relevance. This last part should be followed by the list of all resources that were used in presenting and developing the ideas and concepts.