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An essay is a short piece of writing that focuses on a particular given topic. Academic essays writing has become an integral part of modern day learning as from time to time students are called upon to write essays regardless of their field. There are different forms of academic essay writing. The most common ones include: descriptive writing, narratives, admission essay writing, compare and contrast and cause effect writing. Descriptive academic essay writing attempts to describe a particular person, object, place or phenomenon. They are used to create a vivid and a lasting impression of the item being described in the reader’s mind.

Narratives are forms of academic essay writing that gives the particulars of a certain occurrence in creative format. It may be giving an account of a historic event or describing a resent event. Compare and contrast is another form of academic essay writing. It is based on comparison between two or more people, places or things. It gives both the similarities and differences between the items being compared. And then there is the cause effect academic essay. This is a form of academic essay writing that gives reason for certain happenings and the outcome that is brought about by these happenings. They may try to give an explanation behind a certain event or condition. Certain learning institutions require students to write admission essays while applying for admission into the institution. The admissions essays are used by the institution to asses the applicants and enable them make a decision whether to take the student or not.

Academic essay writing begins with research. An academic essay writer should conduct through research to get information that will comprehensively analyze the academic essay topic. The writer should pick the best idea to form his/ her thesis statement. Then the writer should make an outline of the main points he/ she is going to use in the academic essay writing. An outline make essay writing an easier and flowing process. With the outline ready, the actual academic essay writing can begin.

A typical academic essay is usually divided into three parts; the introduction, the body and the conclusion. The introduction should contain an explanation of the topic and the thesis statement. The introduction should be able to capture the attention of the reader. The body of the academic essay writing should contain the writer’s points of argument. Each paragraph should focus on one idea. The conclusion of the academic essay writing should reassert the writers thesis statement and briefly mention the most interesting points captured in the easy. The academic essay should be formatted in the correct style.

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